Thursday, 25 June 2015

Dressin Wishlist

A while ago I found this really cool site
 They sell cheap clothes and accessories so I thought I would just 
make a little "list" type thing-y of cool things they have. 
Also on a side note I'm going to be re-doing my whole blog soon, it's gotten 
really ugly and bleh lately so yeah! 

I'm in love with this bag so much. Not only is it purple and only 6 dollars but it has a little Yeti key chain thing attached to it! what the hell that's so cool!

I know kimonos were a thing of last year, but I never had one, and i think this one is really pretty. It also looks really light and airy so you could even wear it during the summer. 

This sweater is so cool. Lately I've been into the whole "varsity stripe" thing with socks, and shirts, and this sweater is just so cool. I never really understood "crop sweaters" but I could totally see myself wearing this at a bonfire, or late at night in a cold grocery store or something >.<